Cotton towels

Not many things are as pleasurable as being able to wrap yourself in a warm, soft fabric after getting out of the shower. That is why we recommend choosing our organic cotton bath towels – when it comes to comfort, they are second to none. We offer them in a wide range of sizes. Thus, you can stock your bathroom with the very best textiles to dry your hands, feet, and entire body.

Bathroom accessories of the highest quality

Our online shop offers towels for hands, feet, and body, as well as pretty waffle models. They are available in different weights – from 220 to 450 g/sqm. Both standard and waffle models are intended for use at home and flat as well as at service facilities, like hotels and beauty salons. Our textiles for hands, feet, and entire body are also perfect for use at a swimming pool.

Organic towels – 100% cotton

Our textiles are made in line with the “zero waste” concept and Fair Trade principles. For production, we use materials from as far away as Uzbekistan – cotton from this country is a highly valued raw material, as textiles sewn from it are characterized by exceptional durability. This material is biodegradable and safe to use, so it is no wonder that enthusiasts of an eco-friendly lifestyle are so keen to choose it.