We created the BOMBACIO brand out of our love for nature. We believe that nature has extraordinary powers. We create ecological products that are made of 100% cotton from natural Uzbekistan crops.

Clients will appreciate BOMBACIO cotton products because they follow the guidelines of ,,zero waste’’ and Fair Trade We believe that organic cotton products produce the highest quality raw materials while their production supports the local community. 

All-natural BOMBACIO products are made of 100% cotton and draw on the knitting traditions passed down from generation to generation.

In the  BOMBACIO offer, you will find natural cotton products, such as cotton bags, cotton towels and bathrobes, cotton linen, and raw and dyed cotton fabrics.

Clients are highly appreciative of BOMBACIO products for being ecological and durable, while practical and elegant.

From the cotton in the field to the final product, we know our raw materials and products well thanks to our direct relationships with suppliers. Having a clear conscience, we can guarantee that all our products are manufactured professionally, as well as guarantee competitive prices and continuity of supply.

We tailor designs of our products, adjusting the size, weight, color, and finish to the client’s expectations and requests. We follow technological innovations on an ongoing basis to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Our clients are mainly printing houses, advertising and promotion agencies, retail stores, service industries, as well as private individuals.

BOMBACIO is a partner that guarantees high-quality products, timely orders, delivery in Poland, and attractive prices all at the same time!

We invite you to explore our PRODUCTS.